Ujamaa Walker – Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Ujamaa Walker Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Contact Info:  Link4inf@hotmail.com

Past Experience

Ujamaa has a strong creative background of Photography, Video Editing, Audio Engineering and now Web Development! He also has strong work experience in customer service, problem solving and working with people. Ujamaa’s main carreer goal is to use creative ideas to help people, help solve problems and inspire others.

The Good News

Ujamaa has a strong passion for front-end code. He is great at bringing ideas to reality and is very skilled at visual art, as a result he quickly took a liking to HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Plans After #AcademyPGH2

Ujamaa plans to continue to develop and improve on his skills through online coding schools such as CodeCademy while seeking employment as an Front-End Web Developer.

Perfect Employer

Ujamaa is looking for a company that is willing to allow him to showcase his skills while still allowing him to grow and develop his skills to an even higher level.