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Introducing Academy Pittsburgh Session #2

  • Kyle Dowler Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
  • Academy Pittsburgh Session 2 Caitlin Reed
  • Academy-Pittsburgh-Session-2-Orion-Hall
  • Josh Bayer Academy Pittsburgh 2
  • Ujamaa Walker Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
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  • Brigette Lefever - Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
  • Amanda-Wilson-Academy-Pittsburgh-Session-2
  • John Lange Academy Pittsburgh 2
  • Cray Thomas - Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
  • Liberty Gaither Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
  • Daniel Smithson - Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
  • Cindy Green Academy Pittsburgh Session 2
  • Mandy Kendall Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Graduating on December 12th, 2016

Ready to Go; Ready to Hire

On September 19th, 2016 a diverse mix of learners joined us for the second session of Academy Pittsburgh. Drawn from all over the Pittsburgh region, participants came ready to sharpen new skills. Included in this session are teachers, designers, and former staffing industry workers all looking for economic advantage through a career in tech. Their personal stories reflect a the larger national conversation around equitable employment and higher education that generates opportunity not just debt.

After 12 weeks of immersive, real-world skill building, #AcademyPGH2 participants are eager to enter the job market and apply what they’ve learned. If your organization has open internships or entry-level position, or if you’d like to share your experience as a part of the technology workforce, please reach out.

Key Metrics

Inclusive & Equitable

Varied Life Experience

Targeted Economic Need

33% Minority Participation

50% Female Participation

Youngest Participant

Oldest Participant

Average Annual Income

50% Unemployed or Part Time at Session Start

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