Liberty Gaither – Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Liberty Gaither Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Contact Info:

Past Experience

Liberty has had a plethora of different professional experiences so far in her short millenial life. Among other things, she has worked on political campaigns and has completed two years of public service in the nation’s AmeriCorps program. While in AmeriCorps, she managed two separate databases. Additionally, Liberty has worked in both sales, where she honed her vast knowledge of different mobile technologies, and fashion, where she has affirmed her enjoyment of all things beautiful and all things design-related.

The Good News

Liberty is good at all of the things. If she had to pick, though, she would showcase her stellar interpersonal skills and her eye for beauty and design. She loves learning what makes people tick and she loves building a consensus among others, making her an excellent choice as a teammate on any group project. Her ability to envision what people would think of as visually pleasing – coupled with her new-found skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – makes her a great candidate for front-end development.

Plans After #AcademyPGH2

Liberty plans to continue her professional development after graduation from Academy Pittsburgh. She plans to work with an employer that assists her in doing so. In return, she is excited about offering up her extensive skills in interpersonal relations, technology, and complex problem-solving.

Perfect Employer

Liberty wants to find a position that marries together both of her favorite things: technology and design (fashion, if possible). Her ideal work environment is one that values innovation and the solving of exciting issues of our time. She wants to work at a company that prizes work-life balance.