Legal Information

Academy Pittsburgh (“AP“) boot camp participants understands all of the following: AP is a facilitator for the information that you will receive in the sessions, based upon a specific set of task completions requested by the session Sponsor.  Although you may improve your abilities by attending the informational sessions, AP does not represent or warrant that your abilities will improve, or that you will be additionally qualified for employment.  AP’s time is compensated exclusively by the Sponsor. There is no fee for your attendance, nor will you receive any compensation for your attendance; attendance is voluntary for so long as you choose to attend.  No employment or other opportunities are represented or warranted, either with AP or the Sponsor (or anyone else).  If there are opportunities that result from your attendance, you understand that those opportunities may require you to pay a staffing fee to AP.  You understand that any information regarding the Sponsor or the Sponsor’s requirements or other information is strictly confidential, and you may need to sign a confidentiality with AP and/or the Sponsor.  You understand and consent that your attendance, subjective evaluations and any testing results may be disclosed to the Sponsor, solely for the Sponsor’s evaluation of the session conditions and you release AP from making any such disclosures.  You will be asked to sign AP’s session participation agreement prior to attending the session.

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