Heather Schall-Lucas – Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Heather Schall-Lucas Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Contact Info:  hlucas@gmail.com

Past Experience

For most of her career, Heather bravely entered the hormonal world of teens and pre-teens in order to teach math and reading to struggling, mostly reluctant students. Her experience with this population has prepared her for the creative problem solving she needs in web development. In several years, Heather’s teaching experience will be even more relevant when she is looking for a position with an organization whose purpose is to teach underprivileged teenage girls to code, thus motivating them to enter the STEM fields.

The Good News

Heather is especially skilled at collaborating and communicating with teams to work toward common goals. She has an eye for detail, is highly organized, and is able to remain calm and flexible in high-stress situations.

Plans After #AcademyPGH2

Heather’s plan after graduation is to continue learning web development skills and work on personal projects while trying to find a junior web developer position in the Pittsburgh area.

Perfect Employer

Heather is hoping to find a junior developer position, internship or apprenticeship with a diverse and forward-thinking company. She enjoys both front-end and back-end, so a full-stack position would be ideal. She is hoping to find a company that has a mentoring program.