Daniel Smithson – Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Daniel Smithson - Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Past Experience

Daniel received his Under-graduate degree in Graphic and Web Design in 2016. He is currently working as a Product Zone Specialist at Apple and a Graphic Designer at GoFigure Custom Action Figures. Daniel has worked as an freelance Graphic designer and Photographer for the past decade.

The Good News

Daniel is a talented graphic designer with many years of experience. He is adapting his current zone of genius (graphic design) to his developing skills in programming. Daniel feels that the combination of graphic design and programming gives him an edge in the field.

Plans After #AcademyPGH2

After graduating from Academy PGH Daniel will be continuing his education at Boston University where he is working on his Masters degree in Computer Science, focusing on Software development. With his exposure to new programming languages like C#, Ruby, and JavaScript, Daniel feels confident that his new-found skills will help him in his future as a software delveloper.

Perfect Employer

Daniel hopes to find a junior or entry level position using his skills while he continues to attend graduate school.