Bridget Little – Academy Pittsburgh Session 2

Contact Info:

Past Experience

Bridget has a background in community marketing and graphic design. She loves to utilize her first love of social sciences to help influence and architect all aspects of her work.

The Good News

Bridget believes good programs can couple usability, simplicity and beauty all in one to make a better user-experience and increase engagement. She excels at predicting human behavior with programs and translating that experience into more impactful usability.

Plans After #AcademyPGH2

Bridget is interested in creating digital software that reflects and is as compelling as our real life social spaces. She would love to find an entry level position in front end development or UI/UX design that marries her love of design and interest in social communities and interaction.

Perfect Employer

Bridget’s ideal workplace would be diverse, openly collaborative, and entrepreneurial. She’d like to work at a socially-minded company that focuses on making great products to advance tech’s influence on the greater social good. As a social person, she’d enjoy working on a team as much as working independently and would enjoy eventually expanding her career into a supervisory or project management role.