Highly-Qualified Junior Web Developers

Academy Pittsburgh provides condensed technical training that prepares adult learners for a career in web development. Learners come from eclectic backgrounds, often from complementary professions, and frequently represent demographic groups of people traditionally underrepresented in the tech sector. As participants transition out of our 12 week bootcamps they become ideal candidates for apprenticeships or internships within partner organizations.

Academy PGH Graduates have nearly 400 hours of hands on training delivered by industry professionals.

Benefit Many Apprentices from Academy Pittsburgh

Apprentices working with Benefit Many on a internal project for GS National Insurance

Program Key Facts

  • Engagements can range between 1 – 3 months long
  • Participants are expected to work 20 hour / week
  • Includes support from an Academy Pittsburgh senior developer to help work through problems tasked by partner team
  • A $500/month stipend is available for organizations with less than 5 employees

Partner Obligations

  • Interns and apprentices are paid at least $15/hour
  • Must be paired with a more senior developer
  • Must be given the work of a junior web developer
  • There’s no obligation to hire apprentices or interns as employees

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