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Academy Pittsburgh has partnered with TechHire Pittsburgh to provide more access to training that teaches people the skills necessary to be an entry-level web developer.

TechHire Pittsburgh aims to bridge the digital skills divide in our region with a broad range of opportunities for individuals interested in IT careers. TechHire Pittsburgh focuses specifically on individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, and/or facing barriers to employment. Selected TechHire participants will be eligible to receive free tuition, waivers of all fees, supportive services, and professional development training in addition to learning coding skills.

Before applying, make sure you understand and accept all of the expectations, terms and conditions explained on this page. Be sure that you review, and that you will be able to accept the terms of the participation and staffing agreements if you are admitted into the next session.  Academy Pittsburgh’s relationships with staffing agencies and clients of work done as part of the curriculum require this document to be complex and dense. We’re happy to meet in person and discuss any concerns applicants have about this agreement. To setup a meeting email us.


Starts:   8/6/2018
Ends:  10/31/2018
Location:   Academy Pittsburgh
Days & Times:
Mon through Thur | 9 AM to 5 PM
Fri | 9 AM to 12 PM

Apply Today

Academy Pittsburgh is accepting applications on a rolling basis for our upcoming web developer bootcamps. The application includes logic questions, as well as uploads to Github and YouTube. Applicants whose scores that qualify, may have to participate in an in-person interview prior to applicant selection. Here are some important facts to consider before applying.

  • Boot camps are difficult and time intensive. Participants of the all-day boot camp can expect between 50-60 hours of work each week. Participants of the evening boot camp an expect between 25-30 hours of work each week.
  • Generally, about 75% of the time requirement is spent in class working as a team on problems. The remaining 25% of time is independent work done at home or remotely.
  • The application and interview are the only prerequisites.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for Session 7 through 7/9/2018 or until the session is full
  • Participants attending Academy Pittsburgh web developer boot camps must sign our participation and stafing agreement if they are accepted. Please review these documents carefully.
  • Our all day Boot camps are taught in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh and participation at events around the City of Pittsburgh is expected. The location of our evening course will be announced soon.
  • Academy Pittsburgh offers no certification and makes no promise of future employment. Legal Stuff:  Academy Pittsburgh boot camp participants understands all of the following:  Academy Pittsburgh is a facilitator for the information that you will receive in the sessions, based upon a specific set of task completions requested by the session Sponsor.  Although you may improve your abilities by attending the informational sessions, Academy Pittsburgh does not represent or warrant that your abilities will improve, or that you will be additionally qualified for employment. Academy Pittsburgh’s time is compensated exclusively by the Sponsor. You will not receive any compensation for your attendance; attendance is voluntary for so long as you choose to attend.  No employment or other opportunities are represented or warranted, either with Academy Pittsburgh or its Sponsor (or anyone else).  If there are opportunities that result from your attendance, you understand that those opportunities would be incidental.  You understand that any information regarding the Sponsor or the Sponsor’s requirements or other information is strictly confidential, and you may need to sign a confidentiality or other binding documents with Academy Pittsburgh and/or the Sponsor.  You understand and consent that your attendance, subjective evaluations and any testing results may be disclosed to the Sponsor, solely for the Sponsor’s evaluation of the session conditions and you release Academy Pittsburgh from making any such disclosures.  You will be asked to sign Academy Pittsburgh’s session participation agreement prior to attending the session. Your image and likeness will be used in promotional material associated with the marketing of Academy Pittsburgh.